Retail Marketing Automation for Facebook Messenger

Don’t Send Blasts, Start Conversations

Facebook Messenger boasts over 1 billion active users, 80% message open rates, and 50% click rates. ShopMessage unlocks conversational marketing.

Personalized Sequences

Trigger the perfect message at the right time

Automatically send messages based on a customer’s unique experience with your brand. Show images of the products they viewed or recommend something different. Offer limited time deals. Start engaging conversation that drive real value.

Superior Surfacing

Delivered right to your customers

Messages sent through Facebook Messenger are surfaced with a Push Notification and prominently displayed within Facebook. That’s why our customers see an 80% average open rate. Stop shouting through the noise. Start converting real customers with quality conversations.

Frictionless Capture

See what a 90% opt-in rate looks like

Hate typing your email on mobile? Your customers do too. ShopMessage allows your customers to opt-in with one click. No more filling out forms. No annoying popups. No fumbling with small keyboards on mobile.


Measurable Results

Measurable results, easy campaign configuration.

Real results mean real numbers. See how ShopMessage is growing your business every hour of every day.

Personalized Campaigns

Segment your customers based on any attribute

Target and send campaigns to specific users. Want to reach 18-36 year old women who live in New York? No problem. Want to wish your customers a happy birthday? Done.

Back-in-Stock Notifications

Send personalized reminders when a product is back in stock.

Let customers subscribe to notifications when a product is out-of-stock.

On-site Concierge

Automatically Reply to Customer Questions

56% of people would rather message than call customer service. Improve response time and customer happiness by allowing customers to ask questions while browsing on site. Automatically respond to frequently asked questions.

Product Recommendations

Drive recommendations and upsells using the ShopMessage recommendation engine

Use the ShopMessage recommendation engine or plug into an existing recommendation service provider.

Price Alerts

Notify Customers When a Product is On Sale

When a product that a customer has expressed interest in goes on sale, let them know via personalized reminders.

Advanced Features

Smart Send Times

Message customers when they’re most likely to click and purchase.

Built for Enterprise

GDPR compliant. Enterprise grade security. Single-sign on (SSO) and Active Directory, LDAP, ADFS, SAML integration. Multi-factor authentication.

Seamless Checkout

Send customers directly back to their cart from Facebook Messenger with one-click.

Add a Discount Coupon

Give customers that extra nudge to complete their order. You can even add a discount coupon code as a seamless part of the checkout experience.

Dedicated Support

Our world class support team is always ready to help. You’ll always be in touch with the folks who actually built ShopMessage.

Frictionless Capture

One-click opt-in means no more typing emails. No annoying popups. No fumbling with small keyboards on mobile. 90% opt-in rates.

Success Story

Fanjoy used ShopMessage to drive 10x more sales than email

" ShopMessage blows away all the competition! We previously paid for one of the big name premium email cart abandonment services, but were shocked to see ShopMessage's FB Messenger flows drive 10X the sales we saw with email! "

Chris Vaccarino
CEO and Founder, Fanjoy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the automated messages?

Yes! In fact, we strongly recommend all users personalize their message to match their brand’s voice to create a truly personal feel for the customer.

Can I engage in a live, real-time conversation with my customer?

Definitely! ShopMessage starts the conversation, and you can jump in anytime you like.

Does this work with Shopify’s Messenger channel?

Absolutely! ShopMessage sits right alongside Shopify’s Messenger integration or any other Messenger bot.

What is a Messenger bot?

A messenger bot is a tool that allows your Facebook Page to send out messages and respond to users automatically, based on rules you set up.

How do users "opt in" to receive messages from ShopMessage?

If a visitor is logged into Facebook on their browser (as most visitors are) then they simply tick a checkbox to be opted into Facebook Messenger messages powered by ShopMessage. Once your brand is approved by Facebook then the checkbox is automatically ticked.

Why Facebook Messenger?

Tired of having your emails end up in spam? Crossing your fingers that your email will hit the inbox? Spending lots of money for retargeting? Facebook Messenger bot solves this problem by providing a private channel of communication with each user. It’s instant and interactive, and no message is ever lost. Facebook Messenger boasts over 1 billion active users, 80% open rates, and 50% clickthrough rates.