Have you checked out ShopMessage Smart Pop-ups yet? What are you waiting for? Our new Smart Pop-ups are built to help you quickly grow your Messenger subscriber list and we’re already seeing an average of 8% opt-in rates. That’s more than double a standard email opt-in! ​

Example Strategy: ShopMessage Promotion on Arrival

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Why Activate Smart Pop-ups:

🚫 The Facebook Messenger pre-check is going away 

Beginning on April 9, 2019, Facebook will be completely disabling the Messenger Checkbox plugin’s pre-checked state. Don’t panic! We believe the change is good for customers and the ecosystem.

That said, you’ll need to think about alternative ways to build your Messenger subscriber list. Luckily, we just launched some really cool new tools to help you quickly grow your Messenger subscriber list. We can objectively say that they are WAY more effective and feature-rich than anything out in the market. ​

💬 Smarter pop-ups for smarter marketers 

We’ve taken a proven opt-in method and brought it to the next level. Now, you can grow your list without hassling existing contacts. Our pop-ups only appear to users who are already logged into Facebook and have not already opted in. We also auto-detect other pop-ups so we never interfere with your existing email capture promotions. 

Not only are they smart, they’re beautiful. Thanks to a talented design team, we offer hundreds of customizable templates so promotions are always “on brand”. We also let you choose exactly when to display your promotion with the option to immediately send a follow-up Message!​

💥 Email is declining while Messenger is exploding 

ShopMessage clients have seen ~81% open-rates and 34% click-thru rates. Take a moment to compare that to your current email open and click rates. Convinced yet?​

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