Your Messenger Flows Just got a New Look!

A quick recap: ShopMessage Flows are automated messages that are sent to your customers based on a specific action they take while shopping on your site. After tracking our standard Flow template performance, we’ve decided to give some of our flows an update. Check out our new look– just in time for the holidays!

Our templates pre-populate our best practices to make set-up fast and easy. As always, you are able to customize your flows however you’d like!

Browse Abandonment

Convert your browsers into buyers! Our Browse Abandonment Flow got a much-needed trim. We shortened the text to keep this touchpoint light and friendly. You’ll still find the classic product card that reminders users about their most recently viewed product!

Browse Abandonment Flow

Abandon Checkout

You already know this is our best-converting flow, typically seeing over 80% open rates, 35% click-thru rates, and an average of $9 in revenue per recipient messaged! We’ve made product images larger and more prominent, added an interactive scroll and included a few strategically placed emojis. This two-message reminder is short, it’s sweet, it works!

Order Confirmation

Our most dramatic update for your highest intent audience! Now you can offer users immediate actions after they purchase– include upsells, order tracking and/or whatever works best for your brand! We’ve also replaced our quick replies with buttons for easy navigation and persistent offers.

Order Confirmation Flow

Customer Winback

Show off your latest product releases, best sellers, hot deals or even highlight brand information with our updated carousel. Whatever brings your customers back, showcase it in our two-part Flow sequence.

Customer Winback Flow

Purchase Anniversary

Your customers make your brand successful, celebrate their purchase anniversaries with this short and sweet Flow. Offer a discount, a free gift or even free shipping to show your appreciation!

Activate new Flow templates today by visiting your ShopMessage dashboard > Flows Tab > Create.

The Impact of AI on E-Commerce Average Order Values (AOV)

Intelligent remarketing is essential to creating businesses that scales and Artificial Intelligence is leading the charge.

Here’s what our friends at JustUno had to say on about how brands can take advantage of the traffic they are already getting.

Intelligently Remarketing with Dynamic Upsells & Cross-Sells

The When

While it is currently a hot topic, especially in e-commerce, AI is more than just a buzzword. Machine learning is enabling e-commerce businesses to learn and adapt faster than ever while increasing their profits beyond what is possible through manual means.

AI can sound daunting or ‘too robotic’ for many, but think of it as a convenient personalization tool you can leverage to make specific segments of your marketing funnel smarter. According to a report by the Boston Consulting Group, retailers that implemented personalization strategies saw average sales gains of 6-10%, a rate two to three times faster than other retailers (BCG). We all understand the importance of providing the right message, to the right person, at the right time, but without AI this is simply untenable for all but the largest teams.

AI helps scale complex customer journey interactions with your brand.

With the power of AI, you can level the playing field and execute your marketing strategy from a smarter and more efficient perspective. You’ll provide a better overall customer experience, free up your valuable time for additional revenue-generating activities, and most importantly, increase conversion metrics.

Let’s take a deeper look at why you should be embracing AI marketing technology today, and ways you can immediately begin implementing it into your e-commerce marketing strategy!

The What

Upsells and cross-sells are a commonly used tactic for quickly increasing average order values (AOV). You may be wondering what exactly is the difference between an upsell and cross-sell? It’s simple if you just remember these well-known fast-food examples:

  • Upsell = “Would you like to ‘Mega-Size’ that order for only $1?”
  • Cross-sell = “Would you like to add fries to that order for only $1?”

When you implement Justuno Plus’ AI features, our technology starts analyzing your website to produce the data required for these intelligent recommendations. This includes ingesting your product catalog, visitor behavior, and determining key things like:

  • What products are most popular
  • What combinations of products are the most popular
  • Average order values

Once Justuno has gathered enough information about your products and visitor purchasing behavior, you can begin to include AI-driven intelligent upsells and cross-sells in your promotions. Justuno will then continuously work to optimize these as it collects more data.

AI powers remarketing based on the visitor's onsite behavior

The Who

Once we know what is being purchased and how it’s time to display relevant messaging to targeted visitors. Justuno’s core technology fingerprints these visitors and can recognize them when returning to your site. This allows you to show relevant offers that align with a particular segment of your funnel — whether they’re a new or returning customer, on their first, second, or fifth visit, have an abandoned cart history, etc.

Even if they have switched from mobile to desktop, used an incognito window, or took other ‘evasive’ actions, you’ll still be in the loop! That’s some serious intel on your traffic that you can have out-of-the-box with any Justuno plan, and with certain creative applications, the possibilities are nearly endless. (psst… no AI Plus features required for this)

The How

Now that we understand product sales dynamics and visitor behavior, you can leverage these details to hone-in with advanced behavioral targeting and decide exactly how you’ll deliver offers to key website visitors.

Here are just a few examples of rule sets for triggering targeted upsell and cross-sell promotions:

  • New visitors that begin showing exit behavior such as cursor travel to ‘back’ button, idle time, etc. (display exit offer with a discounted popular item to reduce bounce rate)
  • UTM terms (mirror offsite promo messaging onsite or display different recommendation based on a user selection)
  • Visitor source from email, social, paid advertisements, and more (optimize marketing expenditure with maximum conversions)
  • Visitor has added an item to cart and been on site X times without completing their checkout (display a discounted cross-sell offer with an AI suggested related product)
  • Returning visitor with cart total value >X (target those ‘window shoppers’ with offers proven to convert)
  • Visitor has placed an order before within past X days (display complementary cross-sell items that weren’t purchased during the last session)

Using one – or a combination – of the above rules for triggering an intelligent upsell or a related product cross-sell can instantly boost your remarketing strategy. Visitors will be seeing products they’re more likely to purchase because Justuno has used data to predict the best products to offer!

The Why

It might not seem like it could make much difference, but even increasing your AOV by a minuscule percent can compound into large overall lifts at the end of the quarter/year. With the help of AI, that and more is readily attainable, and it requires little to no effort beyond initial setup. 

If you are currently spending time analyzing customer purchase behavior and manually calculating upsell / cross-sell opportunities, then you may be a good candidate for Justuno Plus and its added AI functionality. Don’t forget that Justuno can offer as much or as little help required to get your AI-driven marketing operations up and running. From proven strategic guidance to full white-glove service, our goal is to make a bigger impact on your sales with less work required by you!

Jenna Ochoa is the Partner Marketing Manager at Justuno. She has been working in the e-commerce industry for over 5 years and occasionally writes about it on the Justuno blog.

How IKONICK Uses Messenger Flows to Drive Sales

ShopMessage and Unstoppable are incredible partners. They have helped IKONICK use Messenger as a new and highly effective channel to communicate with our customers and drive sales at an impressive ROI. Highly recommended.

The IKONICK team

You’ve captured your customer’s interest, but now what?

In this ever-growing digital space, reaching out to people is easier than ever. Paid traffic, email, ads, social media — It’s all adapted to speak to the customer.

The question is, how do you speak to the individual? How do you personalize this experience beyond targeted ads and mass emails?

One answer: ShopMessage.

ShopMessage personalizes the customer experience in a highly cost-effective way. At Unstoppable, we introduce ShopMessage and it’s tools to almost every client.

A greeting on Messenger with a placeholder for dynamically inserting the recipients name.
A greeting on Messenger with a placeholder for dynamically inserting the recipients name.

We find that ShopMessage is the perfect complement for our efforts across all marketing channels and brings the personalization of our efforts to the next level with a one on one customer experience.

One of our clients, IKONICK – the leader in canvas art, has seen a clear benefit from the use of the ShopMessage. We originally set up ShopMessage to target customers who abandoned their cart before purchasing.

Customers who have abandoned their cart are more likely to convert and these extra touch points made a huge difference for overall increased conversions. That was just the beginning for IKONICK and ShopMessage. You can check out the full case study HERE.

The IKONICK team uses flows as a key part of their Messenger strategy.

At Unstoppable, we are all about bringing this one on one experience to your customers and our own. Every single business, whether product- or service-based, whether online or offline, has specific needs and unique challenges. And while most agencies are completely fine with using a rubber-stamp template for every company they work with, the Unstoppable team insists on a personalized approach.

Guest post by our friends at Unstoppable.
Learn more about Unstoppable at

4 Messenger List Building Examples from Real Brands that are Killing It

List building is important, and Messenger is no different. Did you know that Facebook Messenger subscribers are on average 3-5x more valuable than email subscribers when it comes to driving sales? Messenger subscribers are vastly more likely to open your message, interact with it, and ultimately purchase. In short, Messenger is going to be the next big revenue channel for businesses.

So how do you actually build your Messenger list to start unlocking that value?  Three words: ShopMessage Smart Prompts.

Yup, that’s it. Our Smart Prompts are the industry’s most powerful and effective tools for winning Messenger subscribers right from your store.

List Building Smart Popup All-Stars

Here are four real-life examples of how our customers are driving Messenger subscribers using ShopMessage Smart Popups.

Grunt Style

Grunt Style growth plugin overlay offering 15% off. Clicking the blue "Send this to Me" button will present the discount code and collect the customer's opt-in. A photo blending a man fishing and a woman sitting in front of a wall occupies the top half of the left banner. On the right banner, after the button is clicked, the photo of the man fishing occupies the full background happily.

The All-American brand, Grunt Style, loves the Red, White, and Blue and employs hundreds of Veterans. They use ShopMessage’s flyout-style Smart Prompt to turn their patriotic shoppers into buyers.

This offer alone drives $308 in sales for every $1 they invest in ShopMessage.



Blenders growth plugin overlay offering 15% off. Sunglasses on a warm sunset-reflecting beach with a blurry surfer in the backgorund.

The now iconic sunglasses brand, Blenders, continues to turn heads on the streets and on Messenger. One of their most successful Smart Prompts triggers at “purchase intent” when a shopper is showing buy signals but hasn’t yet committed.

This smart prompt delivers $360 in revenue for each $1 invested in ShopMessage. And like all the examples here, this is in the “post-pre-check” Messenger world.


Pandora’s Box

Pandora's Box growth plugin overlay offering 25% off. When the blue button is pressed, the completion screen will generate a discount code where the placeholder text is, denoted by the {{ }}. Warm gradient background.

Pandora’s Box is your one-stop shop for all your shopping and gifting needs. And ShopMessage Smart Prompts turn their casual browsers into serious buyers every moment of every day.

This Pandora’s Box “purchase intent” promotion earns $119 for every $1 they invest in ShopMessage.



iHeartRaves growth plugin overlay offering 10% off. Cool blue gradient background with a photo of a young woman wearing a neon green two-piece body suit with thigh-length black fishnet stockings on underneath.

iHeartRaves welcomes thousands of party goers with a discount to use on dancewear, accessories and more as they gear up for music festival season.

The brand earns $338 for every $1 invested in ShopMessage for this Smart Prompt discount promotion.


3 Smart Reasons to Use ShopMessage Smart Prompts

ShopMessage Smart Prompts drive real results every day because they are intelligently designed to not be “yet another popup” and they do not conflict with your existing lead capture efforts. To be specific:

1 They only appear to users logged into Facebook and have not already subscribed to your store’s messages, so you’re targeting only the most relevant audience.

2 They will not conflict with partner popups (for capturing emails or phone numbers), maximizing the experience for your visitors.

3 They can be easily configured to appear exactly where, when, and how you want them to on your store. There’s nothing generic (or dumb) about these Smart Popups.

Excited? Convinced? We are too. Start your trial or set up a demo anytime.

Want to learn more? Check out our guide to getting started with Messenger Marketing!

7 Strategies to Grow Your Messenger List with M.Me Links

M.Me Links plugged into a ShopMessage conversation sequence give you a powerful way to engage with your fans, followers, and customers. Here are 7 ways you can set up M.Me Links powered by ShopMessage for your business today.

1. Migrate Your E-Mail List to Messenger

The first thing you should do is distribute an M.Me link in your emails and email signatures. Then email subscribers will convert into more engaged Messenger subscribers—low-hanging fruit!. Email has served us well for years, but you want to make sure that you are able to reach your customers wherever they happen to be. Using your email list to turbocharge the growth of your Messenger list is a great way to increase your ability to reach customers who may not always check their email.

2. Re-Engage Your Social Media Followers

At the same time, you should share links in social media posts. Name me a social media platform that doesn’t give you the way to share links? Tweet your links, drop them in a Facebook post description, pair with a Pinterest infographic pin, and even your Instagram swipe-up links all at the same time! Tailor the next step of the acquisition funnel to reference the preceding step’s contextual content.

3. Leverage Influencer Reach on YouTube and Instagram

While those are going out, why not sponsor a YouTuber / Influencer and have them stick the link in their video descriptions or bio. Drill down deeper with partnerships with your existing network of ambassadors. When you create a mutually beneficial experience for your two audiences with a personalized and enriching for their audience, everyone wins! Then you can both dive into the detailed conversation metrics at every step of the way.

4. Embed Links in Your Digital Marketing Content

Insert a Messenger CTA link in your digital marketing content. Longtail contacts will still receive the same appropriate messaging whether they find you immediately, or 5 months down the road. Imagine your e-book getting passed around and having the tracking to see all the new customers being driven by that document.

5. Print Dynamic QR Codes on Branded Materials

Put it in a QR Code and print it on your packaging materials right away! It’s a great way to remind customers after they receive their items that there’s more you can offer them. Imagine a code on your boxes or bags that can be scanned to hook your customers up with a Free Shipping discount. Forward-thinking brands can even print limited edition promo QR code shirts for your ambassadors to wear in real life. Guerilla marketing at high-traffic events like Coachella or South by Southwest is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

6. Set-up an M.Me Link in your Footers

Have your M.Me link available as a contact channel on your website. It’s a nice alternative if you don’t have a dedicated customer support agent. When visitors have questions or demand to speak to the manager, you can send them here. An M.Me Link designed to handle inquiries and FAQs can be a great way to get people the answers they need without bombarding your customer support channels.

7. Text it!

Last, but not least, consider a text. Daily Messenger volume now exceeds peak SMS volume. Texting a link is a great way to convert your SMS subscribers into Messenger contacts. Conversations happening over Messenger are less disruptive to your customers. At the same time, you can do a lot more to engage through a Messenger chat than through an SMS conversation. Make your brand more accessible via Messenger with additional signals to reach your customers on Facebook.

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